Polka Dot Jerseys

The Polka Dot Jersey

The Polka Dot Jersey is one of our highest honours—a symbol of extraordinary success achieved by determination and perseverance awarded to the first 10 Riders to reach $15,000 in their fundraising accounts.

Kick your fundraising into high gear, reach new heights, and receive our Polka Dot Jersey! Proudly wear it as you raise awareness in the quest to conquer cancer.

*Note: all jerseys will be ordered once the 10th Rider has reached the $15,000 benchmark.



"The two years that I have earned my Polka Dot jersey is through a video at the core of my ask. The key isn't making a video, though, it's three simple things: Figure out why you are passionate about doing this, tell your story so that people understand how important this is to you, and then ask relentlessly. My mom, Robin, passed away from lung cancer five years ago when she was just 56. Nothing about her illness haunts me more than the fact that she died two years before my son was born. Every kid deserves to meet his grandparents especially one who would have spoiled him so badly."

T.O Whenham, was one of 8 to be honoured with a special polka jersey in 2014 (his son is pictured above).

In honouring his mother's memory through The Ride to Conquer Cancer, T.O had raised a portion of his funds the first time he asked people. "While most may quit there, if you follow up the money keeps coming in. When you stay strongly committed and ask in a sincere way, most people are more than happy to help. It is especially important to thank people profusely when they donate and keep them updated throughout the training and the Ride. Make them feel like are a part of something big because they are!" T.O Rides and fundraises so that his son has another way to celebrate her life. "I do this so that other kids might not have to miss out in the same way. I take part for my mom and so that others can, unlike her, get their diagnosis before all hope is gone."